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  Pet Care

Clover on sofa with kitten.


Please read through our handy guide below for advice about a variety of magical pets.

For frequently asked questions, just click here.



Enchanted Eggs

Have you found an enchanted egg? Or are you caring for one? Tips on identification and egg care can be found in the Enchanted Egg Handbook.

> Download the official Enchanted Egg Handbook

You can also take the QUIZ to see if you are an egg expert.

Enchanted egg.  

Fairy Horses

A fairy horse is one of the most pleasant pets to own—and a very popular one too! Some see fairy horses as “starter pets” for young magical folk, but even if they are easier pets to take care of (as compared to dragons or unicorns), they still need care and a watchful eye to ensure their safety.

Shelter: A roomy cage is good for most fairy horses, with lots of twigs and ferns for them to play with. Fairy horses love to trot and jump. Make sure it is well ventilated, with a secure cage latch. Fairy horses also like to spend some time outside, so a backyard small paddock is recommended.

Food: It doesn’t take much to feed a fairy horse! Fairy horses love tablespoons of applesauce, a single sugar cube, or a thimbleful of oats.

Grooming: It is really fun to groom a fairy horse—but they must be groomed every day. A toothbrush is best for combing their manes and coats. Toothpicks can be used for checking their hooves.

Clover on sofa with kitten.  


Owning a unicorn is a big—and wonderful!—responsibility. But many guardians of unicorns (princesses, in particular), do not realize how important it is to properly care for a unicorn. In general, unicorns are the sweetest magical pets, and deserve a loving, caring home. Here are some tips on caring for your unicorn:

Shelter: Your unicorn will be happiest living and sleeping inside a stables or barn, where he or she is sheltered from the wind and the rain. Your unicorn’s stall should include some nice fresh hay or straw, or wood shavings. Make sure, if your unicorn is stabled all day, that you clean the stable at least three times daily. Your unicorn will also need a pasture that is fenced for proper exercise.

Food: Unicorns love mush—and some even like cinnamon raisin oatmeal! They love sugar-beet biscuits as treats, as well as carrots and apples. Unicorns also require a constant supply of fresh water.

Grooming: Unicorns are known for their beautiful starry coats, manes and tails, and, of course, their long horns. You will need to brush their coats to keep them shiny, and once every few months, polish their horns. Horn polish is made by mixing stardust and moonbeams and both can be purchased at your local magic pet supply store.

Grooming supplies



A pet dragon is a delightful companion. Not only will a pet dragon keep you safe from any intruders, pet dragons are incredibly loyal and perfect for helping you roast marshmallows!

Shelter: Dragons need large enclosures, including space to stretch their wings. We recommend that you line the enclosure with bricks or some form of fireproof material. Usually pet dragons only breath fire when commanded, but accidents happen and you want to be prepared. Keeping buckets of water nearby, just in case, is also a good idea!

Food: Dragons love meat and fish. Make sure you have plenty! Like phoenixes, they also love fire-berries.

Grooming: Dragons don’t need much grooming. Sometimes their scales can become sooty and require a polishing. Pet dragons love to have their scales scratched. Their claws need to be trimmed once a year.

Flying: Although wild dragons’ wings can grow to the length of a house when spread out fully, pet dragons’ wings will never grow so big. Pet dragons don’t fly much, but still like some flying exercise. Make sure you take your dragon out once a week for a flight.


Magical Kittens

Magic kittens make wonderful pets—and not just for witches with warts! But they aren’t all fun and games. Magic kittens require care too. Here are some basics:

Shelter: Magic kittens can live both outdoors and indoors, but the Agency strongly recommends to keep your magic kitten indoors. Indoor magic kittens are generally safer, unless their magic abilities require them to live outside (for example: some magic kittens have abilities to grow witch’s herb gardens and therefore it is smart to have them live outside!). Make sure your magic kitten has a bed and a litterbox.

Food: Make sure you have a water dish and a food dish. Magic kittens love star salmon, which can be purchased at most magic pet supply stores.

Magic Abilities: If you have a very young kitten, your kitten’s magic ability may still not have shown. Be patient and observe. Some magic kittens’ abilities are obvious (flying, spinning, sparking) but some magic kittens’ abilities are less so (like the ability to calm someone down). So keep a careful eye.

Grooming: Magic kittens, like ordinary kittens, do not like baths, but they do need them once in a while. Make sure you have a good brush too to keep their fur clean.


Medical Care

For all medical attention, contact Dr. Nettie Nurtch, the magical animal veterinarian.

Dr. Nettie Nurtch
Magical Animal Veterinarian
The Hillside Hospital
Just Before Beyond, The Woods

Dr. Nurtch  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My magical pet is missing. What should I do?

First, check that your magical pet hasn’t had anything funny happen to it (such as been cursed with a shrinking spell or have its fur turn camouflage). But if spells aren’t the cause, phone the MAAA to report your lost pet and/or visit our Lost and Found page. The MAAA will help!

Q: My pet dragon has lost its fire. What do I do?

Don't worry! This is a common experience for a dragon. Have you recently moved? Acquired another pet? Often a stressful situation will cause a dragon to lost his or her flame for a short period of time. If the flame still does not return, phone Dr. Nettie Nurtch, the magical animal veterinarian.

Q: I've seen a princess mistreating a unicorn. How do I report this?

Phone us! We will help at once. We hate to see any unicorns being mistreated. Please try and gather as much information as you can about the situation.

Q: Help! My magical pet is sick. What do I do?

Phone Dr. Nettie Nurtch. She is an excellent magical animal veterinarian and will be able to help.


Lost & Found Tips

Visit the MAAA
We may have gotten your pet in. Come and visit us. If we don't have your lost pet, we can put out an alert.

Search the Woods
The Woods is a common place for a pet to get lost. Walk around the Woods many times a day, especially dawn and dusk. Ask those who live there—the leprechauns, the woodcutters, the witches—if they have seen your pet. Don't worry about the beasties in the Woods—there are none. Remember that was just a myth concocted long ago by Lester the leprechaun to keep out non-magical folk. There are no beasties, and so your pet should be safe.

Put Up a Poster
Put up a Lost Pet poster. Post them in as many places as possible: where your pet was lost; at the Sign-Post tree in the Woods; in the stores in the town, like the Midnight Bakery.

> Download the Agency's official lost poster template

Try the Power of Scent
Place a bowl of your pet's favorite food in the spot where you think he or she was lost, or place a piece of your clothing there. Dragons especially have a keen sense of smell and a familiar object will often bring them home.

Was Your Pet Stolen?
It is far more likely your pet is lost rather than stolen. However, if your pet was a dragon, check in with us at the Agency. Knights, especially ones we have on alert, have been known to steal dragons and if this is the case, we will take immediate action for you.

Don't Give Up!
Even when hope dwindles, don't give up! Magic animals have been reunited with their owners even after months apart. And you never know WHAT might have happened. Maybe there was a spell put on your pet? Maybe your pet turned invisible? Stranger things have happened in this magic world!

A lost magic pet that has identification has a much better chance of being reunited with his or her owner. Make sure your magic animal has a tag on it that lists its name and address. There are even collars specially designed for sea serpents!





The Magical Animal Adoption Agency | Text © Kallie George | Illustrations © Alexandra Boiger