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  Are you a magical egg expert?
Take the quiz below!
These eggs make sloshing noises, if you listen closely. Do they belong to:

These eggs are tiny and have to be kept in a volcano. Do they belong to:

This egg requires a guard animal to make sure no one steals it. Does it belong to:

This egg has scary parents but don't worry. Its hatchling isn't born with full fangs! Does it belong to:

This creature doesn't lay eggs. But it is a bird. Is it:

This egg has yellow and white spots, and is very large! When it is ready to hatch, everything happens REALLY quickly. Does it belong to:

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Congratulations! You are a Magical Egg Expert! Did you write the Magical Egg Handbook? You could have!
Good job! You aren't quite an expert yet, but you are an Expert-in-Training! Check out the Magical Egg Handbook and try again.
Cripes and clawsnatch, eggs are tricky! Especially magical ones. But don't give up. Check out the Magical Egg Handbook and try again.