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  Animals for Adoption  
  No Animal is too unusual to adopt.

Here are some of the current animals at the Agency. Pets are constantly coming in and out of the Agency, so stay tuned to see new pets posted!

If the pet you wish for isn’t here—you can download a Wish Book form and email it to the Agency.



Species: Phoenix

Age: 97 years (third Ash Day approaching)

History: This beautiful phoenix is nearing her third Ash Day and is very moody and irritable because of it. She needs a loving home, with a good stone or tile nest that is fire-proof.



Species: Winged Horse

Age: 25 years

History: This winged horse was found on the hilltops of Just Before Beyond, with an injured wing. Dr. Nettie Nurtch, the magical animal vet, has nursed Peg’s wing back to health, but due to the particular type of strain, the wing will never be as strong as it once was. Peg is the perfect pet for a child, but might not be able to safely carry a giant or ogre.



Species: Jeweled Tortoise

Age: 1000 years (plus)

History: This tortoise is one of the oldest animals we have ever had here at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, except perhaps our immortal fire salamanders. Jasper has had a tragic past, since many of his previous owners have tried to steal the gems from his shell. The loss of a single gem causes great pain to this dear old tortoise. We are looking for an owner who values companionship over wealth, and would never dare do such a thing to a pet.


Larchfire, Birchbreeze, Firflight, Pinefeather, Oakwing, Willowwind, Swiftspruce

Species: Forest Dragons

Age: Unknown

History: This flight of forest dragons were rescued by Mr. Jams and Sir Walter Windsmith. The dragons were hiding, and narrowly avoided being attacked by knights out on the hunt for dragon-head trophies. These particular dragons are the gentlest sort, and are best suited to living in forested areas.

  Magic kittens.

Blizzard, Cloudy, Twister, and Lightning

Species: Grimalkins (magic kittens)

Age: Less than a year

History: Dropped off at the Agency by a witch, these four adorable kittens are highly energetic. Each has shown early signs of magic abilities (including shooting freeze rays and lightning, floating, and doing acrobatics). If you’re looking to add a little spark to your life, one of these kittens would be perfect.



Species: Sea Serpent

Age: 4

History: This young sea serpent was found stranded on a beach and dehydrated. The poor serpent is clearly a pet, rather than a wild serpent, as he is not at all shy, and displays the tricks that are usually taught to pet sea serpents by merfolk. Although we are not sure why he was abandoned, he would make the perfect pet for anyone who lives near or in the water.



Species: Griffin

Age: 50

History: This poor griffin’s wings were clipped by his previous owner, a wicked goblin, which makes it impossible for Glint to fly. Although the clipped wings are growing back quickly, the damage has left Glint understandably frustrated and easily angered. Glint needs a strong, understanding owner to help him regain trust and show him he’s loved.



Species:Imaginary animal, possibly part jackalope

Age: Unknown

History: Jumper is an invisible, imaginary animal, so it is difficult to know in particular what he looks like. Our best guess is that he part rabbit and part deer—especially since his favorite foods are clover and carrots. Jumper is the ideal pet for a new pet owner, who needs an easy-to-care for animal.

  Fairy horses

Acorn, Hickory, Tansy,
Butternut & Buttercup

Species: Fairy Horses

Age: 200 years

History: These gentle horses were rescued from a cave where they were being held captive and mistreated by ogres. They are workhorses by nature, and with consistent good treatment would happily plow a fairy field or pull a small wagon filled with peas or flowers.



Species: Toad

50 years

History: This toad was discovered long ago in a well, abandoned and under a curse. Unfortunately, we could not lift the curse, but its effects appear to be benign. Esmeralda would make the perfect companion for a patient, color-loving client.



Species: Grimalkin (magic kitten)

Age: less than a year

History: This beautiful witch's kitten was discovered abandoned in a ditch in the Woods, presumably due to his unusual white, instead of black, fur. Snowflake would be perfect for any owner looking for a rare and sweet snuggler.

  Ash and Flame

Ash & Flame

Species: Elemental Salamanders, commonly known as Fire Salamanders

Age: Indeterminate, considered immortal

History: The previous owner gave these salamanders up because she feared the long-term commitment of an immortal pet. They are the perfect adoptees for a family with a constantly heated hearth.


Mistypoo Moondrop (Moondrop)

Species: Unicorn

Age: 5 years

History: Siezed from a neglectful and absusive princess (who, among other things, filed down this poor unicorn's horn for so-called "stylish" reasons), Moondrop is understandably very shy. With lots of love and care, however, this lovely unicorn will make the perfect pet for a gentle hand.



Species: Dragon

Age: Under a hundred years (an infant)

History: Found tied to a post by the Agency gate, Snort is a happy-go-lucky little dragon. Although he has mild fire-control issues, he is otherwise well behaved and eager to please. [Note: Although we are anxious to find Snort a loving home, we will refuse any requests from knights, unless he or she is willing to undergo an extensive history check.]


Cuddly-Wuddly Coco (Coco)

Species: Unicorn

Age: 15 years

History: The princess who once owned Coco, brought her to the Agency because she did not like the unicorn's dusty cinnamon color and wanted an all silver or all gold one. But, here at the Agency, we adore Coco's gorgeous coat and hope Coco finds a match that does too. (Note: Coco does have an allergy to sugar beet biscuits.)


Tootsie-Wootsie Wugums (Tootsie)

Species: Unicorn

Age: 10 years

History: Dropped off at the Agency by a king who claims his two princess daughters always fought over Tootsie, this little unicorn seems to have an extra-sensitive horn. We wonder if perhaps it was tugged by the princesses one too many times. As long as you are careful not to brush Tootsie's horn, he is the sweetest of all the unicorns, and has a particular hankering for peppermint gumdrops.


Sugarplumsy-Wumsy (Plum)

Species: Unicorn

Age: 12 years

History: Plum was brought to the agency in a state of half-starvation (caused by yet another neglectful princess). Currently on a re-feeding program, Plum grows more and more boisterous every day, and will soon be the perfect pet for an owner.



Species: Unknown

Age: 0

History: This incredibly rare and mysterious egg was discovered under a troll family's drawbridge. Abandoned, but placed under a protective enchantment, it was rescued by the Agency. We have yet to determine the egg species or the hatchling that will undoubtably soon emerge. NOT YET UP FOR ADOPTION.

The Magical Animal Adoption Agency | Text © Kallie George | Illustrations © Alexandra Boiger