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Magical Endings


At the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, we pride ourselves on all the happy and successful adoptions we've made.

Below, you can find read some of the stories of past pets that were happily adopted!

A fairy horse finds a new home!

When Lily the fairy horse came to us, we weren’t sure who would be the right match. Lily was the gentlest fairy horse we’d ever seen—and easily upset, partially because her previous fairy owner mistreated her with a grass whip. We knew only a very gentle owner would suit. Fum the gentle giant was perfect! This is what Fum wrote to us:

Me love Lily. Lily loves me. Me love BIG feast. Lily loves crumbits. We perfect match!

Thank you, Fum, for taking such good care of Lily.


An unusual pet finds a new owner!

Eggie, a giant elephant, was one of the strangest pets we’ve ever had here at the agency, partially because he wasn’t magical! Magical or not, he was certainly hard to look after because of his ginormous size, although he was as sweet and lovable as a unicorn. Luckily, he was adopted right away by William, who sent us this very surprising note:

I really love Eggie, but guess what! Eggie IS magic after all! When I brought him home he just kept shrinking. Now, he’s only as big as a chess-piece. My mom is REALLY happy because she was worried how we would look after a big elephant. Also, he is REALLY smart. He beats me at chess—and even my dad.

Now we know that Eggie was actually a magical elephant—specifically a very rare “inverse” elephant, that grows smaller with time! Thank you, William, for letting us know.

A good fit for the golden goose!

Toulouse, the golden goose, was a very popular pet at the Agency, and it was difficult to find the best owner for her. We worried that most of the clients were only interested in Toulouse’s ability to lay golden eggs. Luckily, Esme came in, who had given up her princess crown in favor of writing and gardening—and we were sure it was a right match, even more so when she sent us this note.

Dearest Agency,  I couldn’t be more tickled pink with sweetest Toulouse. I use all her gorgeously golden eggs as paperweights, and she loves my garden. I’ve grown a special row of golden greens just for her. - Esme

We can’t wait to read Ex-Princess Esme’s newest book, The Golden Secret!


Another happy winged horse adopted from the Agency!

Winny was just a young foal when she was brought to the Agency with an injured wing. Her wing healed and she soon charmed young witch Isabella, who wrote in with this update on Winny:

Winny is really enjoying her new home with us, and right away made friends with my sister's bat. Winny loves to eat carrot cake and cloud pie, which I have learned to conjure in my mom's cauldron. I love Winny—she's so much better to ride than my broom! But more than that—she's my best friend!

What a lucky little winged horse!


Another happy griffin adopted from the Agency!

Shy, nervous and not a fan of spells and sorcery, poor Sampson was an unusual griffin, with the body of an eagle and the head of a lion. Over his time at the Agency, Sampson's confidence grew and he won the affection of Mr. and Mrs. Cackleberry, chicken farmers in the Woods. They sent us an update on Sampson's new life:

It has been just over a year since we adopted Sampson, and we have since nicknamed him Daybreak, since he likes to roar with the roosters at the break of dawn. He is the perfect guard animal for our chickens, who do not fear him due to his bird-like body, but foxes certainly fear his lion's head. Mrs. Cackleberry loves combing his mane, but my favorite time of day is resting with Sampson by the fireplace, his soft head in my lap.

It sounds like Sampson has found the perfect family!


Another happy night-light bug adopted from the Agency!

We don't see many night-light bugs here at the Agency, so when Twilly was brought in, we worried about finding him a good home. Happily, Perwinkle the tooth fairy fell in love with him at once. Peri dropped off this note along with a generous donation of a golden tooth to the Agency:

After losing my dear Lumi, my fireflutter pet, I was feeling lost and lonely on my late night tooth journeys. Now Twilly is by my side and she has even saved me from some sticky situations. (A tooth that tumbled under the bed would never have been found without Twilly's help!) But more than that, Twill and I keep the nights bright just by being together. Thank you, MAAA!

And thank you, Peri, for giving Twill such a good home!




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