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About MAAA


Each year MAAA helps hundreds of magical animals find happy homes. We appreciate your support and for making MAAA your first choice for finding a magical animal pet.

Located at
#1 Dragon’s Tail Lane
The Woods

Contact us at:

We love to hear from you, and what you think of magical animals.

A special message from Mr. Jams, proprietor of MAAA:

Most people want magical animals, but not everyone wants them for the right reasons. Our animals here at the MAAA are meant for those who truly deserve them, those with good hearts.

The animals here aren't possessions to be shown off, but companions, pets to be loved and cared for. We here at the MAAA strive to find the happiest homes for our animals. Adoption is our Agency's purpose.

No animal is too unusual to adopt and creating magical matches is our goal. May you, too, find the perfect magic pet—be it a fairy horse, a unicorn, or even a dragon!


The Magical Animal Adoption Agency | Text © Kallie George | Illustrations © Alexandra Boiger